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free video clip and manipuri blue film - Daring X Files 2. Pam, 5'10", 148 pounds, a striking and powerful lady makes her debut at the Club and proves a formidable foe for the strong and skilled Erika, 5'8", 145 pounds. What ensues is a very competitive match as both women are intense and clearly want desperately to achieve victory. This match features three lively, fast-paced falls with a wide variety of holds on display and some sensational submissions. An interview is held with both girls at the conclusion of the wrestling match and you'll learn why a return match is inevitable.

Chinatown is a great place to eat, see another culture, and find some hot little Asian cheerleader ass. These little dumplings worked hard to make our newest squad. fortune says, Asian girls know how to fuck!

Out of nowhere Master Snaurg sneaks up behind Olive and knocks her out to be tied up and captured, to be one of Snaurg's bondage victim. Olive is surprised to find herself gagged and tied in Snaurg's perverted hands, and then she is taken to his dungeon to be his hopeless slave. She is forced to undress herself, she struggles to do it since her hands are tied behind her back. Her pleading cries don't stop Snaurg's advances as she is put in several different ties, 3 tight suspensions to be caned, whipped, spanked and made to orgasm with a vibrator. And Olive doesn't know when the punishment will stop. Note: because of technical difficulties most of the audio has been dropped in this feature.

Directed by Armand Weston in 1976, this film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that is a pleasure to watch. Manny When a committee of moral majority zealots try to blackmail the female editor/publisher of a national magazine, her Centerspread Girls cum to the rescue, bringing the action to a rousing and unforgettable climax!

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